Beware the wife who says nothing’s wrong, 1800

Ah, the age-old “What’s wrong?” – “Nothing. *sigh* *huff*” dilemma. I’m fairly confident that few things are as likely to fill a man with a sense of his own impending doom. If anybody out there *hasn’t* had this argument at some point I’d like to know about it. And then I’ll tell you to stop being so ridiculous, because I won’t believe you.

Proof – if it were needed – that these pointless non-arguments have kept couples busy for centuries.


Husband. What makes you so Sulky this Morning my Dear?
Wife. ___ Nothing.
Husband. What is the matter with you?
Wife. ___ Nothing.
Husband. You was in a very good Humor last Night, pray what have I done to offend you?
Wife. ___ You have done Nothing… that’s the reason.”


– An old husband and a young wife, or, A quarrel about nothing, 1800 (courtesy of the Lewis Walpole Library)

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