Meet the Byrons! A scandalous 18th-century dynasty

Lovely readers, I have been very quiet on here as late – partly because I am a shy & retiring wallflower but MAINLY because I have been writing my first big fat history book: The Fall of the House of Byron. 

In the midst of – *gestures wildly at the broken world* – this, it is due to publish NEXT THURSDAY, 16 April (links below). If you’d like a romping & not-entirely-grim escape to the 18th century this may be for you. (Spoiler: features incest, adultery, tavern brawls, an angry walrus, & a Swiss pig called Mad Pauline.)

Crossed swordsAnchorTwo hearts

If you’d like to learn more about the family in the meantime I have set up my very own youtube channel inviting the internet to Meet the Byrons ! Two posts up (both posted below) and lots more to come – please hit like, subscribe, comment, share, whatever you fancy – everything helps in what is currently a very difficult time for newly-publishing authors.

And please get in touch if you have any requests or suggestions – I’m stuck inside with a camera and would love your input!

Emily x

*** The Fall of the House of Byron available for pre-order at Waterstones, Amazon or through your local indie bookshop! US readers, you can buy your copy via Amazon UK or other UK booksellers 🙂 ***




MEET THE BYRONS 2: FOUL-WEATHER JACK BYRON, shipwreck survivor & adventurer


Stay tuned, lots more to come!



2 thoughts on “Meet the Byrons! A scandalous 18th-century dynasty

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  1. Emily! Great to see you back! I’m a big fan and a history buff and an Anglophile! 😃 Looking forward to reading your book because incest, adultery, tavern brawls, angry walruses and Swiss pigs are many of my favorite hobbies! Okay, not incest, but the rest for sure! 😂😂

    Tom, self-quarantining in St. Petersburg, Florida

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Thanks so much Tom, glad to see my niche interests can strike a chord from across the pond! Hope you are keeping safe and well, E

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