The Enema Button – the ultimate c18th fashion accessory?

With my apologies for a foray into something entirely, disgustingly unromantic, I just wanted to share a little something that I came across in my researches this evening. Made in Germany at some point between 1701 and 1900, these metal buttons rather imaginatively depict two stages of the enema treatment: a) Physican applying said treatment to... Continue Reading →

Exhibition: Ruin & Reputation in the Georgian Era

Last week i was delighted to find myself with an invite to the launch of a new exhibition at No.1 Royal Crescent, Bath, curated by historian Hallie Rubenhold. Without wanting to give away all of its secrets, here is a little sneak preview... The exhibition inhabits two modest rooms in this lovely Georgian town house (which... Continue Reading →

How to tell her you love her, c18th style

In the era of instant messaging and online chat, the modern suitor is only ever a 'winky face' and a click away from declaring his amorous intentions. All things considered, I'd say courtship has taken a distinctly unromantic turn. Two hundred years ago, love tokens offered a far more enduring and emotive means of expressing devotion... Continue Reading →

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