Plan your own broom-stick marriage

Weddings today seem such a stressful, complicated affair. If you have cast off the misery of a single life and plunged into all the misery of someone in pursuit of the perfect day, why not follow this eighteenth-century model of the Broomstick Marriage? a) Get married with a number of other couples, ensuring reduced expense... Continue Reading →

Be Advis’d to Resolve Against Wiving, 1690

I have fallen in love with a broadside song of 1690, entitled 'Advice to Young Gentlemen... to the tune of The Ladies of London.' It reads: "All Jolly Blades that Inhabit the Town, And with the fair Sex are contriving, From the Gay Fop, to the honest bred Clown, be advis'd to resolve against Wiving;... Continue Reading →

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